Free and Open-source Software

There are many software programs available on the internet for your use. Many of these are programs are released for free. Often, these programs can be just a good or even better as propriety software. However, they can also be harder to find. Below are some terms that can be associated with free software and some lists of free or open-source software.

  • FreewareSoftware made available at no cost to you for personal use.
  • Open-sourceSoftware whose source code (programming) has been made freely available for use or modification as users or developers see fit. This means that you can use the software for free and modify it if you so desire.

Windows –

Mac –

Also, you can check out A repository for open-source software. Some well-tested, some new, and some little more that an idea. If you find a program that would like to check out, try clicking on “Project Web Site” for a possilby easier to understand webpage. (Little down from the top on the right-hand side.)

What software do you use and can’t live with-out? Do have somewhere you go to find free software? Feel free to discuss in the comments…

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