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June 8, 2015

Eight TOPS members weighed in and they all stayed for the meeting Monday evening June 1. We have another new member Natalie Slifer of Marysville. Jessica Wrosch earned the diet basket. Jessica lost the most weight in May. Mary Johnson had the program on Weight Choices and Blood Pressure.

Larry, Todd and Landon Gaddis Topeka visited Thelma Gaddis and Lois Jean Harper on Wednesday, June 3.

Five Hotsie Totsie Red Hat ladies held their regular monthly meeting at Lees Cafe on Saturday morning June 6th. We will go to the Windmill Inn for supper Friday June 12 at 5 pm.

The White family reunion was held Sunday June 7 at the Vermillion school.

Bill and Audrey Broxterman and Dick and Sharon Broxterman went to see the Lipizzaner Dancing Horses in Topeka on Friday evening, May 29.

June 1, 2015

Seven Tops members eight in and all stayed for the meeting Monday evening, May 18. Jessica Wrosch earned the diet basket. Edna Marshall had the program on Walking Kansas. Janet Ronnebaum read an item on “Five Golden Rules for Metabalism: We will weigh in at 5pm and fold the large cemetery flags next Monday, May 25.

Four Hotsie Totsie Red Hat ladies enjoyed supper with Paul and Jan Bergman at Freddy’s Saturday evening, May 28. The Bergman’s were back in Seneca visiting.

Larry Gaddis of Topeka visited Thema Gaddis Sunday and Monday, May 24-25. He attended the Alumni banquet. Cemetery Memorial Services and the Friends of Vermillion Lunch.

Todd, Brandi, London and Taylor Gaddis of Topeka visited Thelma Gaddis Sunday afternoon, May 24 and also visited Lois Jean Harper.

Seven Tops members weighed in Monday evening, May 25. We had no meeting as we folded over one hundred casket flags.

About one hundred sixty five people turned out for the Veterans Memorial Day Service at the Vermillion Cemetery. The cemetery looked great with the newly installed black wrought iron fence and newly purchased nylon flags. Most of those attending the service then went to the Vermillion School where they were served a hot meal provided by the Friends of Vermillion Community, Inc. with volunteers directed expertly by Rheta Matson and Family. They utilized tables and chairs left in place following Vermillion’s Alumni Banquet Sunday evening in the School gym. Additional seating was used in the cafeteria. Desserts were provided by the Community. Janie Stowell won the hand-done quilt in the raffle drawing. A special thanks to those who purchased tickets. Following the noon meal, Marylyn Wenzl hosted an open house at the Vermillion Library for visitors to tour the History Rooms in the Old Twidwell Hotel above the Library, as well as the newly painted historic Depot. Donations received will be used for various projects in Vermillion. There are plans to continue the restoration of the depot throughout the summer. To help or donate contact FOVC, Inc, 102 1/2 Main, Vermillion, KS. 66544.

May 18, 2015

Memorial Day weekend preparations for Vermillion include many donated hours as well as money contributions. Newly donated flags will be flying at the cemetery and retired flags are being honored in a display case at the School. Lyle and Marylyn Wenzl crafted the beautiful oak case placed inside the north door. Two benches in memory of Bill White will be set up in the Cemetery shelter house. A bench in memory of George Olson will be set up at the Park. The Cemetery grave sight index donated in memory of the Mike and Faye Bramhall family has been updated. A newly designed “Depot” plaque in memory of George Olson, may be seen at the Vermillion Depot and a newly designed “History Rooms” plaque donated by Clara Dreher Snook may be seen at the entrance to the Library. Many thanks to Friends of Vermillion, Inc. the Cemetery Board, and generous donors for assisting in Vermillion’s efforts to honor our Veterans and making a difference in Vermillion.

The Community Club honored Samantha Carscaddan with a money gift and certificate at the club’s May meeting.

Vermillion American Legion post #257 will perform the following Memorial Day services at the cemeteries on Monday, May 25, 2015. The time and place for the services re as follows: Vliet’s–8:30 a.m. (at the Vermillion School), Salem– 9:00 a.m., Lillis–10:00 a.m. and Vermillion–11:00 a.m. There will be a speaker, firing squad and reading names of our departed comrades at each cemetery. For further information call Richard Gibbs at 785 382 6835.

As in the past two years, a hot meal will be served at the Vermillion School from 11:30am to 2:00pm for those visiting the area cemeteries. The Friends of the Vermillion Community, Inc provides this service as there are no restaurants open on Memorial Day to accommodate those traveling a distance or for those wanting a place to eat and visit with family and friends. Local and area travelers are welcome.

FoVC, Inc. is raffling a queen size quilt that has pale yellow background with white backing and has two matching pillows. It was quilted by Mary Ann Holsapple who lives in Seneca and was a former student at Vermillion High. Chances may be purchased daily at the Heritage Bank of Vermillion or at the school lunchroom on Memorial Day. The drawing will be at 1:00 pm on May 25.

Tim Lee spent Saturday evening in Manhattan attending her Grandsons graduation from K-State. Tim also went to Kansas City to attend her Grandsons graduation from St. Pices High School. Jay and Steve Ensley of Ames Iowa and Jessica and Michael and Nola Reilly of Tampa Florida came for the graduation. Also attending were Jim and Janet Cornelison and Hallie, Camern and Carter Beardsley of Blue Rapids.

Eight Tops members weighed in and six stayed for the meeting Monday evening, May 11. Mary Johnson earned the diet basket. We had a new lady join Jessica Wrosch of Onaga. Martha Thompson had the program on “Simple Rules to Loose Weight:” Five Tops members enjoyed supper at Freddy’s Tuesday evening, May 12. This was our ‘no gain’ supper. Our guest were Lyle Wenzl and Joan Russell.

May 11, 2015

Six Tops members weighed in and all stayed for the meeting Monday evening, May 4. Edna Marshall earned the diet basket. Thelma Gaddis had the program on “How much water to drink and when”.

Lois Jean Harper and Larry and Thelma Gaddis Gaddis returned home Sunday evening after a six day trip to Branson, Mo. They enjoyed shows by Billy Dean, Jimmy Fortune, Larry’s Country Diner, Dolly Parton Dixie Stampeed, Garry Presley cousin of Elvis, Clay Cooper and Dailey and Vincent and Jim Stafford. It was a very fun and enjoyable trip.

Mabel White, Lynn Schafer and Carol Bennett were Mother’s Day dinner guest of John and Carol Worden.

Mother’s Day was celebrated at the Vermillion Christian Church by honoring each Mother present. A bag of M&M candy was given to each of the six Mother’s present.

Bill and Audrey Broxterman attended the birthday party held for their grandson Dustin in Beatrice, Ne. Saturday afternoon. While there they were able to greet their latest great granddaughter Peighton Taylor Beckenhauer. Peighton was born April 27, in Lincoln, Ne.

The Vermillion Public Library will host the Kinder Prep and Three year old children on Tuesday. There are two Kinder Prep classes and two Three year old children this year.

May 4, 2015

Eight TOPS members weighed in and all stayed for the meeting Monday evening April 27. Thelma Gaddis earned the diet basket.

We had a no gainer this week, so on May 12 we will go to Windmill In for supper. Lois Jean Harper had the program on “Ten Ways to be More Positive”.

Five Hotsie Totsie Red Hat Ladies met at Lees Cafe for their regular monthly meeting, Saturday morning May 2. We met at 9:00 am, our new time instead of 9:30. Betty Wenzl and Carol Bennett furnished snacks. We will go to Freddys’ in Seneca for supper May 23 at 6pm.

Apr 27, 2015

Ten Tops members weighted in and all stayed for the meeting Monday evening April 20. Janet and Phyllis had the program on “Nineteen Ways to Celebrate Without Gaining Weight”.

Darius and Allyson Plantz of Georgetown Texas visited Tuesday thro Thursday, April 21 to 23, with Jim and Lois Jean Harper and Thelma Gaddis. They also visited other relatives and friends.

The attendance was good at the Vermillion Community Church on Sunday, April 26. After the services everyone checked out the new vinyl linoleum which was installed in the kitchen area.

Apr 20, 2015

The Vermillion Christian Church held a potluck dinner after the morning service Sunday, April 19, to welcome visitors Tim and Colette Moore. Tim, a student from Manhattan Christian College, was the Christian Church minister in 1977 & 1978 and again in 1980 & 1981. Tim and his wife are living in Lubbock TX. They were in Manhattan for a class reunion. Ryan Hayden was the visiting minister for the morning worship the last two Sundays as Virgil Warren was on vacation.

The Church service will be held at the Community Church on April 25, the last Sunday of the month. Church services will continue to be held at the Community Church the last Sunday of each month through October of this year. All are welcome to attend.

Ten Tops members weighed in and all stayed for the meeting Monday evening, April 13. There was 100% attendance. Janet Ronnebaum earned the diet basket. Edna Marshall had the program on “Information about Foods” from Mayo Clinic.

Five families of the Dusters Camping Club attended the District I Campout at the KOA in Topeka, April 17-19. Enjoyed were Card Bingo, Breakfast by the KOA campground, Potluck supper and entertainment. Church services were held at the KOA on Sunday morning.

Todd and Landon Gaddis visited Thelma Gaddis and Lois Jean Harper at the KOA campground. Friday evening. Larry, Todd, Brandi, Landon and Taylor Gaddis visited them Saturday afternoon and evening.

Apr 13, 2015

Eight Tops members weighed in and all stayed for the meeting Monday evening, April 6. Lois Jean Harper and Jennifer Raub split the diet basket. Janet Ronnebaum lost the most weight in March. Janet won the March Calendar drawing. Deanna Van Dorn had the program on “New Exercise Program”.

Larry Gaddis of Topeka visited Thelma Gaddis and Lois Jean Harper on Friday, April 10.

Mabel White enjoyed supper at the Windmill Inn on Friday evening for her birthday with relatives. Her guest were Gail, Clint and Gavin White of Sabetha, Whitney and Xander White of Silver Late, Elaine White of Centralia and John and Carol Worden.

Visiting minister at the Vermillion Christian Church was Ryan Hayden. Ryan will be speaking to the congregation again April 19th as well. Tim Moore and wife will be guest at the Christian Church on the 19th and a potluck dinner is planned so everyone can visit with the couple. Tim was a minister at the church in the early 1980’s.

The Vermillion Public Library board will meet on Wednesday, April 15 at 9:00am.

Mar 23, 2015

The Friends of the Vermillion Community, Inc. (FoVC, Inc.) will hold their spring meeting at the Vermillion Library on Tuesday March 24, at 7:00 pm. They will have a light lunch at 6:00 pm with the meeting starting at 7:00 pm.

Eight Tops members weighed in and all stayed for the Monday evening, March 16. Marylyn Wenzl earned the diet basket. Deanna VanDorn had the program on “Womanly Truism”.

Stephanie, Branson, Brenae Byrd of Aneky, Iowa, Chris Lippert of Topeka and Joyce Laughary visited Thelma Gaddis Thursday afternoon.

Larry Gaddis of Topeka visited Thelma Gaddis Sunday, March 22 and Lois Jean Harper joined them and they had lunch at the Windmill Inn in Seneca.

The Vermillion Library held their “After School” party on Tuesday afternoon from 2:30 to 4:00 at the library. There were six school age children who attended and enjoyed making paper machae Easter Eggs followed by Kelli reading a story and then the children enjoyed a play time in the park. Kellie Massie, Debbie Evans and Nicole and Chalon Barnett helped with the making of the balloon and paper machae Easter Eggs and supervision of the children.

There will be a pot-luck dinner following the Christian Church 10:39 am service on Sunday, March 29th.

Many in the Vermillion area attended the fun St. Patrick’s day celebration held at Dutch’s on Saturday afternoon, March 21.

Mar 16, 2015

Eight Tops members weighed in and six stayed for the meeting Monday evening, March 9. Janet Ronnebaum earned the diet basket. Our program was a written test of Fruits and Vegetables.

Eight Hotsie Totsie Red hat ladies enjoyed lunch at Spankys in Seneca on March 10. The next regular monthly meeting will be April 4th.

Thelma Gaddis and Lois Jean Harper spent the day with Larry Gaddis in Topeka Wednesday, March 11. They all had lunch at Chilies.

Lois Jean and Jim Harper and Thelma Gaddis attended Linda Williams Retirement Supper at the Wagon Wheel in Marysville Saturday evening, March 14.

The After School Program at the Vermillion Library will be this Wednesday at 3:30pm, Kelli Massie and Debbie Evans will be reading to the children.

Lynn Schafer returned to Vermillion after wintering in her home in Maine.