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Boys’ basketball team

Judy A. was kind enough to send 20 or so photos our way that relate to early Vermillion. These will broken up over several posts, so be sure to check back. This is the first of them.

Boysâ?? Basketball team, 1940

Back Row: John Carlson (soph), Francis Johnson (jr), Roy Isaman (jr), Coach Grover […]

The Vermillion Opera House

The Vermillion Opera House: City Hall Built in 1901 It was located at the northwest corner of Third and Dewey Street in Vermillion, Kansas.

Vermillion Area News for 8-13-2008

Six TOPS memberâ??s weighed in and all stayed for the meeting. Thelma Gaddis and Marylyn Wenzl split the TOPS diet basket, Martha Thompson lost the most weight in July, we all enjoyed Marthaâ??s, Alaska trip, pictures. Marylyn Wenzl had the program on â??Heal Yourself With Foodâ?, we will have no weigh in and meeting next […]

Ice Storm of 2007

A driving rain and snow storm blew into the Vermillion area the evening of December 9th and covered the area on Sunday the 10th. No one had a plan for the disaster that followed. On Monday night, the 11th, it started to rain after midnight and rained all through the night with […]

Can you help?

The library has received a e-mail asking about a building in Vermillion.

Happy New Year, dear Librarian– Would you happen to know the name of the building in Vermillion, Kansas, where touring theatrical productions were shown during the late 19th and early 20th centuries? The INDEX TO MUSIC IN THEATER [a not-for-profit academic theater reference […]


The library now has a Flickr page. You can view the photos on the left by clicking on them or you can view the full Flickr album by clicking here. If you you have some photos that would be good to have in the album, you can e-mail them to the library at vplibrary+website@bluevalley.net.


Community Contacts

Information for the contact page is needed. If you know of something or someone that needs to be added to the list, please use the comment function for this post or on the Community Contact page. To get there you can click on “Community Contacts” in the left-hand column, or click here. You can also […]