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Postcard from 1910

Vermillion Bands

Steve Sams and Band The singer is Marge Miller Johnson. The pianist is Georgia Johnson Cooke.

Vermillion Girl Band

1941 Girls Basketball team

Girls’ Basketball team, 1941

The undefeated girlsâ?? basketball team of 1941. The trophy was presented by the Vermillion Merchantsâ?? Association as there were no tournaments for women that year.

We’ve received some different information on the names of the people in this picture. Some of it is conflicting with what we originally had, so […]

Vermillion Sports

Boys’ Football team, ~1913

Back Row: Prof Kraemer, Ed Alderman, Willis Field, Elmer Sunderland, Charles Warren (Class of 1915) Middle Row: John Davis, Leonard Johnson, Virgil “Johnnyâ? Nash (Class of 1915), Willard Tompkins (Class of 1914), Phil Schuyler, Victor Polson, Wilbur Watson Front Row: Malcom Rogers, Virgil Russel

Girlsâ?? Basketball team, 1918

Unknown, […]

Boys’ basketball team

Judy A. was kind enough to send 20 or so photos our way that relate to early Vermillion. These will broken up over several posts, so be sure to check back. This is the first of them.

Boysâ?? Basketball team, 1940

Back Row: John Carlson (soph), Francis Johnson (jr), Roy Isaman (jr), Coach Grover […]

Postcard from 1907

A postcard from January 21, 1907. Thanks Brent B. for sending it in.

The Vermillion Opera House

The Vermillion Opera House: City Hall Built in 1901 It was located at the northwest corner of Third and Dewey Street in Vermillion, Kansas.

1860’s Platt Map

The library has received a request from a patron looking for a Platt Map from the 1860’s. The earliest that we can find is one from 1904. If you know where we could find an earlier one (not just the 1860’s), please let us know so we could discuss making copies. Any information would be […]

My Path to War

by Richard Gibbs Ball Turret Gunner 457th Bomb Group

Available for $18.00 at the Vermillion Public Library or you can contact Richard Gibbs at 301 W 5th Street Vermillion, KS 66544

The author, Richard Gibbs, traces an 18 year old draftee during World War II through basic training, aerial gunnery school, marriage and eventually being […]

From the Vermillion Record – Friday, July 14, 1899

There will be a balloon ascension at Frankfort, tomorrow afternoon. Miss Tillie Hohn and two children started for Chicksaw, Oklahoma, Wednesday. J.J. Calnan’ new sidewalk has wonderfully improved things at the post office. […]