Vermillion Library Minutes – June 2008

Vermillion Public Library Board Meeting met on June 11, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. Board Members present were: Matthew Ekstrum, Chari Reynolds, Marylyn Wenzl, Becky Shepherd, Milton Anderson, Delores Polson and Audrey Broxterman, Director. Carol Barta, Assistant Director of North Central Kansas Libraries also attended the meeting.

Minutes of the last meeting and Treasurer’s report were read and approved.

We received a letter from Clara Snook, who spoke at the Vermillion Historical â??Open House,â? thanking us for asking her to hold a book review. A letter was read from Blue Valley stating that the phone billing would be changed from residential business phone rate. The Librarian reported that the final Kinder-Prep â??Story Hourâ? was held on May 16th here at the library. The story read was the Hungry Ladybug and the children mad Lady bugs to take home. Reading Certificates were given to each student. The Technology Grant Money and the Bill Gates Foundation Grant have been received and the computers will be ordered this week. 23 new books have been ordered for the library. Liz Koncker from Iowa and her sister from New Mexico, visited with Chari and Audrey about the Orchard family who lived in Vermillion in the late 1890’s and early 1900â??s. Information was exchanged and added to both parties research.

Old Business: The new blinds have been installed by Dave and Karen Zidek. The budget committee presented the proposal for 2009. It was reviewed and approved for submission to the City. The library will not request librarian wages at this time.

New Business: the Summer Reading will begin June 17th. Children, ages 4 through 12, are encouraged to come to the library and register for the Summer Reading Program. The Summer Reading Program will be held Tuesday afternoons from 2-4 and Friday morning from 9:30 to 11:30 through the month of July. Children can register at any time throughout the month of June and July. Even if they canâ??t come every week, we would still like to have them attend as much as possible. The board approved $10 per child spending for the SRP.

Chari Reynolds and Karen Zidek went off the library board April of this year after serving two consecutive terms. Cheri and Karen will be allowed to remain on the board until replacements are found and Cheri was approved to continue to act as Bookkeeper for the Library until a later date.

Carol Barta from NCKL, discussed the libraries Movie License and thought the library should consider providing community Movies sometime. Carol also discussed the possibility of our organizing a â??Friends of the Library or Friends of the Communityâ?organization and provided us with a handout to review.

Respectfully submitted by Audrey Broxterman

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