Vermillion Library Minutes – March 2007

March 2007
Board members present
Karen Zidek Pres.
Matthew Ekstrum Vice. Pres.
Cheri Reynolds Treas.
Marylyn Wenzl Sec.
Milton Anderson
Audrey Broxterman, Director

The Vermillion Public Library board members met March 14 for their monthly meeting. Karen Zidek conducted the meeting. The librarian had kinder prep Feb. 23. The book van was here March 7 and left 180 AF, 10 ANF, 40 LTP, 4 Easter, total 234 books.

The information was found , for the party that inquired for the information , on the old opera house , we will try to put the pictures of the old opera house on the web page, we will keep the inquiries in a file folder for future reference, we answer these as we can.

We also received several videos from the Manhattan library that had been discarded recently, discussion was held on where to display these. They are mostly documentaries, painting, art, health, and more.

These will be a wonderful addition. We also got back 49 books that were being processed.

We have several new books The Learning Tree and No Excuses by Gordon Parks, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, Family and Tuesday Morning by Karen Kingsbury, Betrayal and The Covenant by Beverly Lewis.

A letter was read from Carol Barta, she wanted to us to share with the patrons that on the dated April 2-12, 1:00pm , the Kansas Audio-Reader Network will be broadcasting The Learning Tree by Gordon Parks with sound bite by the author’s son David at that time, you can also listen on the web at click on listen live and enter the password Jayhawk.

Dave Zidek, mayor, entered our meeting at this time.

We received information from Richard Miller and a flier on Good Computer Usage Practices, it has advice worth considering when browsing the web or using email.

We discussed e-rate and Kan-Ed.

Audrey told of classes March 27 and April 3 and 13 in Manhattan and Marysville.

We received a letter from Sharon Schwartz after visiting in her office, on the library day recently at the Capital in Topeka.

We discussed possible board members, and Vermillion history book and other projects.

Richard Miller was here and helped Matthew with the installing the FAX , it is the same number as the telephone number, if possible it would be good to call the library before sending a fax so we don’t pick up.

Marylyn Wenzl Secretary

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