Vermillion Library Minutes – November 2008

Vermillion Public Library Meeting
November 12, 2008

Board members present
Matthew Ekstrum President
Marylyn Wenzl Secretary
Milton Anderson
Chari Reynolds Financial Secretary
Audrey Broxterman Director

The library board met November 12 at 9am in the library, President, Matthew Ekstrum called the meeting to order, the Secretary read the minutes of the last meeting, they were approved as read, the Financial Secretary gave her report and it was approved, a complete report in on the following pages.
The Librarian gave her report. The book van was here October 28th , and left lots of new books.
Kinder Prep dates for December are 12-5 and 12-9. We have purchased a new book titled â?? Ducks On The Moonâ?, an adult book, and another book has been ordered.

Scott Edwards plans to be at the Library November 18th 9-12 he has written a book with pictures, which he took on his walk through here 2 years ago, he walked from Wisconsin to the grand canyon, a book signing and reception is planned.

Several new books and DVDâ??s have been donated.

Audrey and Claudeen Mullens will hold an after school club for crafts, & a DVD movie, on Wednesday November 12 . Audrey applied for a grant â??Greatstoriesclubâ? to help with funding the club, â??The Red Balloonâ? will be shown first, along with scrap booking for them to do while there, the ages are K-8.
We havenâ??t heard if the library received the Picturing America Award yet, civil war pictures and stories.
Matthew and Audrey attended the workshop in Manhatten held November 6th , Workshops included: State Data Center, Kansas Reads, Virgin of Small Plains, Weeding, Merchandising the Stacks, KLOW Updates, ILL Updates , Strategic Planning & Personal Policies you need, they also mentioned a web sight good for children , a safe place for kids to explore and play fun educational games.

A very nice book was received from the Dannevikâ??s, with family history and pictures.

Chari showed us an old map she had gotten by going to a web site.

Part of the policy manual has been updated, so its almost complete.

We plan on painting the north room in January and organizing the books better.

There will be election of officers in January.

Marylyn Wenzl Secretary

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