Vermillion Library Minutes – October 2007

Vermillion Public Library
October 10, 2007
9:30 am

Board Members present
Matthew Ekstrum Vice Pres.
Milton Anderson
Deloris Polson
Marylyn Wenzl Sec.
Audrey Broxterman Director
The Vermillion Public library board met October 10, 2007 in the meeting room, there were four members, and Audrey our director present.  Matthew Ekstrum called the meeting to order.  The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

In the absence of our treasurer, Audrey read the report.

Audrey attended the book repair workshop in Manhattan on September 21st, she showed us how to repair a torn page, it was very interesting, she also has sorted some books, and we helped her put large print labels on the LTP books, Biography labels were put on the biography books. We also  shelved some non-fiction books.
Seventeen new books were ordered, mostly childrenâ??s books.

We have received correspondence from Scott Edwards, if he comes October 22 he will not have his book due to a publishing problem, we will wait for more information, Cindy Johnstone inquired for any pictures or information on Samuel Beaty, information has been sent to Clara Snook , which she requested.

Matthew explained more about the MP3 player and wireless router.  Audrey showed us the Fax cover sheet she prepared, which can be sent with each Fax, we also discussed the TV/DVD player.

Flu shots will be available at the City Building/Library October 19, 11am-12:00.

The meeting was adjourned, to help Audrey with some projects in the library.
Marylyn Wenzl Secretary

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