Vermillion Public Library Minutes – August 2007

Vermillion Public Library
Aug. 8. 2007
9:30 am
Board Members Present
Chari Reynolds Treas.
Milton Anderson
Delores Polson
Marylyn Wenzl Sec.
The Vermillion Public Library met August 8, for our monthly meeting, in the absence of our President and Vice President , Marylyn presided at the meeting , we had four members present. The minutes of out last meeting were read and approved.
The Treasurer gave her report, and it was agreed to prepay for propane, for next year, we will prepay the same amount as we paid last year. A bill was paid to Marylyn for supplies, Cheri will check into another bill, which she received, from Manhattan. Due to an extra amount on our phone bill we have decided to have a sheet by the phone to keep track of , long distance phone calls made.

Audrey and Matthew attended the annual business meeting at Manhattan. Audrey was awarded a Certificate of Achievement for Level Two for completion of 60 hours of Library Continuing Education, we congratulate her on this achievement. They enjoyed three speakers, on Librarian certification, and Trustee certification, they are encouraging all trustees to become certified. Also a speaker spoke on Pennies from Heaven.
We received permission to place some pictures on our web site, by the Cliftonâ??s, that were taken in and around Vermillion, they will soon be available for viewing.
We have expanded our shelving to accommodate the videos from the Manhattan library, we appreciate Milton making these shelves for us, we received over an hundred videoâ??s, from them and most of them are on the shelves, some of them are listed below, there are 14 Travel Videoâ??s such asâ?¦

  • The Story of Yosemite
  • The US Virgin Islands
  • Mexico and the Caribbean

We have over 25 Documentaryâ??s included are 11 Sunflower Journeyâ??s..

  • Water in Kansas
  • Born In the 30â??s
  • Immigrants and Ethnic Groups

Some Fitness and Health ..

  • Backaid
  • Angela Lansburyâ??s
  • Positive Moves
  • Ulcers

Science and Nature videoâ??s..

  • Audubon
  • King Of The Seas
  • Playing With Snakes and Lizards
  • Koalas And Crocodiles
  • Insects Tell Me Why
  • Destiny In Space

We also have a few Drama , some Fine Arts, and Home Economic videoâ??s.
Several have watched some of these and enjoyed them.
There will be a book mending workshop this fall, in Manhattan, several have expressed an interest in attending this workshop.
The meeting was adjourned.
Marylyn Wenzl Secretary

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