Can you help?

The library has received a e-mail asking about a building in Vermillion.

Happy New Year, dear Librarian–
Would you happen to know the name of the building in Vermillion, Kansas, where touring theatrical productions were shown during the late 19th and early 20th centuries?
The INDEX TO MUSIC IN THEATER [a not-for-profit academic theater reference database] carries several citations for touring productions that were seen there but we have been unable to attach the name of the venue to each of these citations [i.e. opera house, town hall, high school auditorium].
Your response is very important to our research.
Thank you, Ed Chilcott–INDEX coordinator

If know anything about this, please comment on this post, email the library at, or contact the library directly.
Thank you

Post Script:  Information from the 1969 Centennial book indicated that the name of the building was the Vermillion Opera House and it was built in 1904.

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