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Commenting System

Due to spam starting to appear in the comments on this site, I am making a small change to the way comments work. From now on, the first time you make a comment using any particular e-mail address, it will be held in moderation until approved. So it may be a few days before you have your first comment published, but subsequent comments should appear without any delay. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Features on the site

I’ve made a few changes to the site, so I thought I would point them out here. Every so often, we will make a post under the category “Book Highlights”. These will be books that we are recommending for reading and can be checked out at the library. Also, in the left-hand column, you can find a link titled “Reflections from the Past”. Here you can find all the posts made with the information from the old Vermillion newspapers. Finally, in the right-hand column, there is a category called “Random Blogs”. The links under this category will change each time you load the page. Four random links are selected for display each time.  If you have any blogs you like to read, please send them to the library at for possible inclusion.


The website for the library has been moved to a new server. This allows for better speeds and an upgrade to the version of WordPress, running enabling the ability to fix a few issues and more. For the most part, the changes only affect the administration side of the site. However, when this was done, a few things were broken or moved around, so please be patient while we clean up.


General Discussion Area

Just a brief note…  An area for general discussion has now been created.  If you have a comment you would like to make and just don’t know or can’t find an appropriate place to post it, you can use the general discussion area.  You can find the “General Discussion” area in the left sidebar or by clicking here.  Just scroll to the bottom to add a comment.


One benefit of the new website is the ability for you to place comments on any of the posts or pages you see here. Commenting is quite simple to do. Let’s take an example, let’s say you wonder if “An Ocean Apart” came in on the book van on the 2nd. This is how you would ask this question using the commenting system.

  1. Click on the title of the post you want to comment on. This is the blue text above each entry on the site. For our example, we would be clicking on “Book Van Brings New Books.” If you are wanting to comment on a page, under the “On this site…” section to the left, simply click on it so you are viewing the page.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. This is where you create a new comment.
  3. Fill out the fields and create your comment. Name – you must put in some name. It doesn’t need to be your real name or even relate to you in anyway. Mail – is required, but will remain private. Website – not required, if you have a website that associates with you, you can place it here. If you do place one, you name will appear as a link that links to your website. Comment – can you guess? This is where you place your comment! “Hi, wondered if “An Ocean Apart” came in on the book van?” (Note to administrators and authors – if you are logged in, you will not see the above fields, but only the Comment section. If you wish to post under a different name, you must first logout)
  4. Click the button titled “Submit Comment.” This will publish your comment under the post or page you are viewing. When someone that knows the answer to your comment, they can comment and give you the answer.

Now you know how to comment on this website. We will generally not edit or delete your posts, but we do reserve the right to do so for any reason. That said, bear the following general rules in mind.

  • Respect others
  • Do not impersonate anyone else
  • Do not post profanity or anything that could be deemed inappropriate
  • Keep the comment relevant to the topic you are commenting under

Any questions or problems, please contact the library.

A new website!

As you can see, the library website has a new look.  It was created using the blogging software WordPress which also makes it much easier to update when compared with the old website.  We will try to keep the site current with the happenings around the library.  It is still (and probably always will be) a work in progress so comments or e-mails are welcome.  In the meantime, check out some of the links and pages to the left and right of this post.  Enjoy!