Vermillion Library Minutes – February 2008

Vermillion Public Library
February 13, 2008

Board present
Matthew Ekstrum Vice Pres.
Cheri Reynolds Treas.
Deloris Polson
Milton Anderson
Marylyn Wenzl Sec.
Audrey Broxterman Director

The Vermillion Public Library Board met February 13, 2008. In the absence of our President, Matthew Ekstrum Vice President, called the meeting to order. The minutes were read and approved.

Cheri gave the treasurers report, she had paid the Treasurers bond for one year, purchased a roll stamps, and paid Kansas library dues, $240.00 total. a copy is on the following page.

Audrey reported she had read to the Kinder-prep children February 1st , she had read  Will You Be My Valentine and A Valentine Surprise. Matthew and Audrey had attended the OPAL class in Marysville on January 27th. A Wireless Computer access notice has been placed in the library window, but needs to be more visible. Audrey has also put some reflections from the past in the Vermillion news items, which she writes for our town, this is also on the web page, we’ve had a lot of people checking out the web page, we love the feed back, comments, Cheri has been real busy looking up information for several people, Matthew, Audrey, and Cheri have been contributing to the web page.

Matthew hasn’t set up classes yet, more later.
Kansas Library Legislative day is February 21.
The 19th Annual Contest for writers Living in Kansas, is coming up, information is at the library.
Gates workshop is in Wichita March 18th and 19th.
We discussed ideas for children, maybe in connection with summer reading.
We discussed the need for a bigger card file, will look at some used ones.
We helped Audrey process some books, before our meeting today .

Marylyn Wenzl Sec.

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