Vermillion Library Minutes – January 2008

Vermillion Public Library
January 9, 2008
9:30 am

Board Members present
Karen Zidek Pres
Matthew Ekstrum Vice Pres.
Cheri Reynolds Treas.
Deloris Polson
Milton Anderson Marylyn Wenzl Sec.
Audrey Broxterman Director

The Vermillion Public Library Board met January 9, 2008. Karen called the meeting to order. The minutes were read and approved. Karen reported that Becky Shepherd was approved, by the city council, for a library board member.

Audrey thanked everyone who helped while her mother was ill and when she died, we will give a donation to the memorial fund in memory of Vera. It was mentioned that it was good that we didnâ??t have a Dec. meet with illnesses and the ice storm December 11th, the 6 day (in town) power outage caused some problems, with internet access, this was corrected by Blue Valley Communications.

The book van as here Jan. 7, and left 230 adult books and 24 JNF & JF books. The Bill Gates matching funds grant was completed and mailed. Audrey also reminded us of a web site for tutoring,, and Family History Cemetery,, check these out.

Chari gave the treasurers report a copy is on the following page. She has also been working on the statistics report.

Matthew reported on the MP3 player, several have been trained to download music or audio books on them and they will soon to be available to check out, check the web page for updates, on availability.

Some new interesting blogs were mentioned, they are on the library web site, also some new training sites were discussed.

Audrey wants input from the patrons on favorite authors, so that she may purchase books of interest.

We discussed Matthew having computer a class in the near future, there is a lot of interest in classes, more later.

The meeting was adjourned.
Marylyn Wenzl Sec.

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