Vermillion Public Library Minutes – July 2007

Vermillion Public Library
July 11,2007
9:30 am

Board Members Present
Karen Zidek President
Matthew Ekstrum Vice Pres.
Chari Reynolds Treas.
Marylyn Wenzl Sec.
Milton Anderson
Dee Polson
Audrey Broxterman

The Vermillion Public Library Board met July 11, 2002, for our monthly meeting. We had seven members and our Director present.

The Secretary read the minutes of the last meeting. They were amended to read that we were approved to use some of the, NCKL Extended Service Grant money, (for a TV/video player and other items).

The Treasurer gave her report, (a complete report is in the Secretaries book). Cheri also told or research that she has done for several individuals that has inquired of history or former people of Vermillion.

Audrey gave the Librarians report, the Kinder-Prep books have been cleaned and repaired, more Videos, that were given to us, have been readied for the shelf, several have been working on various that needed done.

The Book Van was here July 3rd and brought us, 140 adult fiction, 10 adult non-fiction, 80 large print for a total of 230 books.

The annual NCKL board meeting will be August 2nd in Manhattan, at 9:30, some will attend this meeting.

Audrey applied for a Movie License so we can view videos here at the library.

We hope to put some new features on the web page, please send us some old pictures of old businesses in Vermillion, or come in and we will copy the picture.

We discussed the purchase of Grant items. The Tax-Exempt papers have been sent in, bookcases and shelving were and Video shelving options were discussed, and card catalog drawers were discussed.

The meeting was adjourned.

Marylyn Wenzl Sec.

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