Lee’s Cafe celebrates 45th Anniversary

Timmy Lee opened the Lee’s Cafe on September 1, 1970.  Dinners served cost $1.00 and the Cafe was open on Sunday’s, sometimes serving as many as 100 customers on Sunday morning.  The Cafe is still open early each week day morning and closes at 9 am.   Some breakfast orders are taken, but mostly, the community gathers at the cafe for coffee and visiting.  Marylyn and Lyle Wenzl and Lynn Schafer help some with the serving of meals.  Guest from as far away as Pennsylvania, Florida, South Dakota and California visit their family and friends and stop by the cafe for breakfast and or coffee on occasion.  The Vermillion Community Club still has it’s monthly meeting at the Cafe with supper being served by Timmy.  Timmy is the Secretary of the Club.

Friends of Rosalie (Timmy) Lee surprised Timmy  by hosting a coffee cake and coffee celebration honoring the 45th Anniversary of Lee’s Cafe.

Flowers were sent by the First Heritage Bank of Vermilion and Dale Shirley in honor of the celebration.   A framed collage of pictures and write ups of past interviews from local newspapers was presented to Timmy.

All of the friends in Vermillion appreciate the effort Timmy has made in keeping the cafe open to the public all of these years.

September 2015, Vermillion Library Board Meeting

The September 2, 2015 Board Meeting of the Vermillion Public Library was called to order at 9:15 a.m. by President, Marsha Engelken. Present at the meeting were Marsha Engelken, Marylyn Wenzl, Audrey Broxterman, Matthew Ekstrum, Jannett Argo, Kelli Massie and Alice Schmitz. Debbie Evans was absent.

The minutes from the August meeting were read by Alice Schmitz, Secretary. The minutes were approved as read.

The Librarian’s report was given by Audrey. Board meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of the month. The book van brought new books on August 20th. Marylyn, Jannett and Debbie have the children’s books ready for the fall program. Kelli and Jannett read to kinder prep on August 25th. The next kinder prep reading session will be September 8th. The after school kids came to the library August 26th for a Lego party. The Lego party was a success and discussion was held on how to store the Lego’s.  Library Summer Reading statistics report was sent in.  The Library web page crashed, but Ladonna  (NCKL) was able to restore it.  Audrey gave a report on the meeting she attended in Marysville regarding ordering of books through Title Source 360.

Matthew Ekstrum did not have a Treasurers report at this time.

Curiosity Creates Grant is due by September 15th. We also discussed other possible grants we could apply for.

Unfinished Business:
The committee that worked on the policy for lending equipment from the library, recommended that each large piece be engraved. A lending agreement is to be read and signed by the borrower, and a copy of the agreement given to the borrower of the popcorn machine. A deposit of $25.00 will be paid by the borrower when the machine is taken, and will be returned to the borrower when the machine is returned to the library, on the next business day and in clean condition for the next user. The projector, PA system and speakers are not to be checked out. The policy was presented to the board and was approved unanimously. Marylyn and Audrey volunteered to take photos of inventory that will be stored in a safe place. $1000.00 Service Grant could possibly be used for carpeting or new window.

New Business:
Audrey suggested we order one hand held Launch Pad through a Tech grant and see if there is a need for more later.

It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 10:08 a.m.

Vermillion Area News — September 14, 2015

Bill and Audrey Broxterman spent September 11 to 13 in Lincoln, NE where they helped celebrate the wedding of their grandson, Dustin Alan Beckenhauer to Carrie Arlene Sensibaugh. The wedding took place at Pioneer Park in Lincoln with the reception being held in Lincoln’s Antelope Park Auld Pavilion. The couple will make their home in Beatrice, NE.

Ten TOPS members weighed in and all stayed for the meeting Monday evening, August 31. Lois Jean Harper earned the diet basket. Edna Marshall had the program on “Five Habits People who successfully lost weight” and “Replacing Butter” Janet Ronnebaum read an article on “Eleven Ways to Best Mindless Eating”.

Six Hotsie Totsie Red Hat ladies met at Lee’s Cafe for their regular monthly meeting on Saturday morning, September 5. Betty Wenzl furnished cake. Jan Bergman of Texas and a former member, would like to have dinner with the Club on October 20 at Freddy’s. We will go to the Border Cafe in Summerfield for supper on October 3.

Larry Gaddis of Topeka visited Thelma Gaddis and Lois Jean Harper on Monday, September 7.

Library Board Meeting minutes — August 12, 2015

The board meeting for the Vermillion Public Library was called to order at 9:10 on August 12, 2015, by President, Marsha Engelken.  Board members present were Marsha Engelken, Marylyn Wenzl, Matthew Ekstrum, Audrey Broxterman, Alice Schmitz, Debbie Evans, and Kelli Massie.

Secretary, Alice reported we did not have a meeting in July,  and the minutes from the June meeting were unavailable at this time.

The Librarian’s report was given by Audrey.  The book van was here on July 25th.  New books are on the shelves. The westerns and inspirational books have been weeded.  She ordered a box of catalog cards and a packet of checkout cards.  Jannett and Marylyn worked on the kinder prep books.  Audrey and Marylyn attended the Manhattan meeting on disaster planning.  Audrey plans to attend the Marysville Director’s meeting for training on Baker & Taylor Title Source ordering.

The city will put floor jacks in the basement to support the library floor.  The PA system needing to be returned to the library after each use.

The Treasurer’s report was given and approved.

Unfinished Business:

Chan Stowell was present to discuss the library’s insurance policy.  He recommended a Halon fire extinguisher for the library.  We have $61,000.00 personal property coverage with a $2,500.00 deductible.  Also discussed renters insurance.

We can apply for the Service grant in December of 2015 and January of 2016 to use for special projects.

New Business:

Debbie, Alice, Audrey and Marsha will work on a policy for public use of the PA system and popcorn machine.

The meeting was adjourned.

Vermillion Area News — 8-31-2015

Ten Tops members weighed in and all stayed for the meeting Monday evening, August 24.  Lois Jean Harper earned the diet basket.   Phyllis had the program.  She gave a quiz on Nutrition Knowledge.  Janet read an article on the Dynamic Duo.

Mrs Gary Waltkamp from the state of Washington, visited Thelma Gaddis one day last week.

The Vermillion Community Church service was held on Sunday, August 30.  Guest were Treyton Beckenhauer and Nhu Dang of Lincoln.  The delicious potluck dinner was held after the services.
The Library Board will meet on Wednesday, September 2 for their monthly meeting.
The Wednesday After School Program started on August 26 with 15 children in attendance.  Each child chose his Lego craft and all enjoyed putting their Lego together.  Debbie Evans read to the children during the afternoon and all were treated to a snack before they headed home.

Kelli Massie and Jannett Argo of the Vermillion Library read to the Kinderprep and Three Year Old Students on Tuesday of this last week.  After the Story Hour each child checked out a book to take home and read.

Vermillion Area News – July 20, 2015

Nine Tops member weighed in and eight stayed for the meeting Monday evening July 12. Lois Jean Harper earned the diet basket. Marylyn Wenzl won the Calendar Drawing for June. Election of officers was as follows: leader0Janet Ronnebaum, Co-Leader- Martha Thompson, Treasurer-Phyllis Hasenkamp, Secretary-Jennifer Raub and Thelma Gaddis and Lois Jean Harper-Weigh Recorders. Jessica Wrosch had the program on Pinocchio Syndrome. We will have snacks for Past Officers July 27.

Five Hotsie Totsie Red Hat ladies and three guest had supper at Summerfield’s new Border Line Gar and Grill Friday evening, July 17. Our guest were Lyle Wenzl, Charlie Ross and Jim Harper. It’s a very attractive place and the food was good.

Mabel White and Carol Worden attended funeral services for Ronald White at the Methodist Church in Axtell Saturday afternoon. e was from Bella Vista, Arkansas and was a cousin to Carol. He was buried at the Rose Hill Cemetery in Axtell.

Vermillion Area News– August 21, 2015

On August 14, 2015, Bob and Sharon Polson were hosts to three of Sharon’s former classmates who graduated from Axtell High, and all were celebrating a ‘milestone’ birthday this year! Dorothy (Wilhelm) Klamm, Bonner Springs, Gail (Bergman) Deitz, Topeka, Karen (Nanninga) Owings, Hays met at the Polson home last Wednesday. They chose the Ace’s cafe in Axtell for lunch, then most of the afternoon was spent driving around the area to reminisce and look for homes and familiar buildings that would have been standing when they lived here years before. The ladies stopped at Terry Nanninga’s where he and his wife were gracious enough to invite them into their remodeled home for a brief tour. In the early evening Alf and Marsha Engelken came up to meet the ladies before they left for the Willows in Seneca. Waiting to welcome them at the restaurant were Don and Leah Wassenberg, Marysville, Sharon (Strathman) Schmelze, Seneca, who were also classmates, and Olivia Huddleston joined them as well. The three who came from a distance, were overnight guests at the Polson’s where old pictures were shown and many good memories were shared, accompanied by a generous amount of laughter, until well past the usual time for retiring to bed. Guests were served a late brunch on the patio the next morning before returning to their individual homes. All agreed it was a special occasion!

The Vermillion Library Board met on Wednesday, August 12 with all but one member present. The Kinder Prep and three year old reading program will begin on August 25. Marylyn Wenzl and Jannett Argo have been busy cleaning and repairing the books for the children to check out. Audrey Broxterman attended the Baker and Taylor workshop and Directors meeting which was held in Marysville on August 13th.

Vermillion Area News–August 3, 2015

Deloris Melk, Milwaukee, Wisc., was a guest at the Bob Polson home from July 23-29. She flew in to the Manhattan airport where she was met and driven back to Vermillion to spend a week with the Polson’s and interacting with people she has met on previous visits. To celebrate her birthday during her stay, she was accompanied by Sharon Polson, Olivia Huddleston, Marsha and Alf Engelken who enjoyed their evening meal at the new restaurant in Summerfield, Ks. Deloris has been a regular visitor in coming back to Vermillion, Kansas since 2010, as she appreciates the friendship, lifestyle, and beauty of our state!
Marsha Engelken and Audrey Broxterman took the Welcome Basket to the Agg home on Friday, July 31. The library prepares a Welcome Basket for families moving to Vermillion. The baskets include children’s books and school supplies from the library, a flash light from Alf’s Custom Fab, a church bulletin and devotional book from the Christian Church, a plant from the Friends of the Vermillion Community and the Welcome Mat booklet. The booklet, which is prepared by the library, consists of a listing of necessary information about the utilities, local businesses, park, depot, history rooms and area churches and businesses in surrounding towns.
Audrey Broxterman and Marylyn Wenzl attended the annual NCKL board meeting held in Manhattan on August 6.

Ten Tops members weighed in and all stayed for the meeting on Monday evening, August 10. Marylyn Wenzl earned the diet basket. Edna Marshall had the program on “Five Unusual Reasons You Can’t Loose weight”.

Vermillion Area News — July 27, 2015

Nine Tops members weighed in and all stayed for the meeting Monday evening, July 27. Mary Johnson earned the diet basket. Thelma Gaddis had the program on “Well Worn Dollar Bill” and “There Were Two Elderly People”. We had snacks in honor of our new officers.

Six Hotsie Totsie Red Hat ladies attended their regular monthly meeting at Lee’s Cafe Saturday morning, August 1. Betty Wenzl and Martha Ross furnished snacks. We will go to Freddy’s in Seneca for supper Saturday August 22.

Bill and Audrey Broxterman attended the 25th wedding anniversary celebration of Troy and Laurie Kramer on Saturday evening, August 1, at the Corning Community Hall.

Jannett Argo and Carol Worden left on Thursday to spend a few days with their families in Denver, CO. Carol’s granddaughters are keeping her busy.

Bill and Audrey Broxterman attended the couples wedding shower for Carrie Sensibaugh and Dustin Beckenhauer in Lincoln, NE on Sunday, August 2. The couple will be wed on September 12.

The Vermillion Library will meet August 12 at 9:00 am for their monthly meeting.

Vermillion Area News — July 27, 2015

The Vermillion Community Church service held July 26, was well attended. Church services are held at the Community Church the last Sunday of the month, April through October. When there are five Sundays in the month the church holds a pot luck dinner after the morning worship service. There will be a pot luck dinner the last Sunday in August.

Ten Tops members weighed in and all stayed for the meeting Monday evening, July 20. Martha Thompson earned the diet basket. Our new elected officers will take their office August 3.

Larry (Dugon) Fairchild Overbrook visited Thelma Gaddis Thursday afternoon.

Lois Jean Harper, Larry, Landon and Thelma Gaddis visited Dean Loughary at Archie, MO. Saturday, July 25. We honored Dean on his 90th birthday. His daughter Jill and husband were also present. We all had lunch at the Fishing Dock in Archie. We enjoyed birthday cake and snacks at his home later in the afternoon.

The library board will meet on August 12 at 9:00 a.m.

102 1/2 Main, Vermillion, KS 66544 (785) 382-6227

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