Life Lessons from the Round Pen

Bob Toomer, Richard and Jannett Argo’s son-in-law, from Risen Son Horse Training Ministries in Utah, will be conducting a Round Pen Clinic Featuring Horse Relations from Groundwork through First Ride.

Bob takes horsemanship to a higher level, using Biblical truths, and a balance of Trust, Respect, and Understanding with your horse to create a harmonious partnership. Horses have always been part of Bob’s life, having grown up starting colts on a ranch in western Colorado. With over 15 years of professional experience, Bob starts 75 colts each year and has conducted demonstrations in over 10 different states. Bob brings clarity and meaning to your relationship with horses and God.

Bob will at the Vermillion City Park on September 10, 2007 at 6:30 pm. The event is sponsored by Winifred Baptist Church. For more information call Pastor John Coon at (785) 799-3340.


Podcasts are free video or audio shows that you receive over the internet to watch or listen to at your convenience. One way to receive these are through iTunes. Simply download and install iTunes via this link. Once installed you can find podcasts by going to the “iTunes Store” and then “Podcasts”. You can then filter by category.

If you’re interested in learning a foreign language, you may wish to check out the “Education” category. You could also check out the Foreign Language Podcast Collection. They have many listings for languages from Spanish to Greek.

Podcasts cover a wide range of topics. Anything from technology to woodworking. If you find one you really like, let us know of it in the comments.

Pictures taken during Story Hour at Vermillion May 21, 2007

The childrenâ??s pictures shown under Vermillion Photos, were taken when the Frankfort-Centralia Kinder-Prep students visited and toured the Vermillion Library the May 21. The Library holds a monthly â??Story Hourâ? during the school year for Kinder-Prep and the children can check out books at that time. Karen Zidek, one of the board members, brought her bird for the children to see.

Searching the Web

Searching the web can be much more effective if you know how to phrase your search. Different search engines can have slightly different behaviors, so I’ll focus only on the most commonly used engine, Google. When searching with Google a few things to keep in mind are that capitalization does not matter, common words are excluded (unless immediately preceded by a + sign), and that a higher priority is given to the first words of a search. So the ordering of the terms matters to a certain extent.

Go to Google Help : Basic Guide for more information on basic Google searches and a link (left side) to a more advanced search guide.

Another handy reference is the Google Help : Cheat Cheat. This shows how to use some other functions of Google. Such as, defining a word, searching for synonyms of a term, and using Google as a calculator.

Don’t forget, you can also search images with Google Image Search.


If you’re interested in listening to your books instead of reading them, you can find many available online. (Some at your library as well…) A good source for free, public domain audiobooks is LibriVox. These books can be downloaded and put on your MP3 Player (iPod/Sansa/other), burned to a CD, or listened to on your computer. Simply go to the LibriVox Catalog and browse or search for a book that interests you. For more help with LibriVox, check out their FAQ or leave a comment here. I’ll do my best to help.

Some other sources of audiobooks (free and paid) are…


The website for the library has been moved to a new server. This allows for better speeds and an upgrade to the version of WordPress, running enabling the ability to fix a few issues and more. For the most part, the changes only affect the administration side of the site. However, when this was done, a few things were broken or moved around, so please be patient while we clean up.


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